Building reliable systems for door controls,
turnstiles, perimeter access, and traffic management
to ensure authorized access only.

Forms of access control have been around for thousands of years! Humanity has gone from moats and
stone walls to biometric readers and electrified hardware all managed from a computer.

We’re thrilled to be a part of today’s access control industry that presents the end user with absolute
control, knowledge, and disaster prevention throughout his or her facility.

As with all security projects, the process begins with a thorough threat assessment considering all
vulnerabilities and circumstances, and planning for electronically controlled physical mitigation.

Too often a CCTV system is viewed as the absolute security blanket, when in reality it serves only as a
silent witness without the compliment of a sound access control system. We are well versed in door
controls, turnstiles, perimeter access, and traffic management.

Allow us to help you take the next step to protect your people and your assets with today’s access
control technology.

Whether you’re considering a small standalone system or a full blown enterprise-scale deployment,
GOGO Security looks forward to building your access control solution. Please call us to discuss your

Video surveillance

Improve and monitor your business
operation with video surveillance and


Low Voltage

Data Centers,Fiber Optic Infrastructure, Wireless Network Bridging, RF Systems, Public Address Systems, Burglar Alarms, Building Automation